What Do Dental Implants Look Like?

What Do Dental Implants Look Like?

What Do Dental Implants Look Like?

Tooth loss has become a common event among many people making dental implants popular and its solution. The Australian dental implant market is estimated to increase to over $136 million by 2027. This shows how popular dental treatment Perth is becoming in Australia.

If you’re missing a tooth or more, dental implant surgery is a great replacement option. They are the go-to alternative in replacing missing teeth. The implant procedure is permanent and cost-effective.

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How to Release Super Early for Dental Implant Treatment

If you’re worried about oral health issues that have resulted over the years from missing teeth; or scared that it may have affected your smile thereby diminishing your confidence; dental implants are your safe option.

Wondering what you’ll look like after a dental implant or whether dental implants look natural? This article seeks to give you an insight into that.

dental implants look like

Components of a Dental Implant

The result or finished product of a dental implant looks like a natural tooth. Below are three components of a dental implant:

  • Titanium Post
  • Abutment and
  • Crown

Titanium Post 

The titanium post is also known as a titanium screw. It acts as your new tooth’s root. Titanium is one of the best materials to use for dental implants. It can withstand strong biting pressure and reduce all chances of dental rejection.

The titanium post or screw is about 3.4mm – 5.8mm in diameter. Yes, it is a very tiny yet powerful tool. The tiny screw is used in holding your new tooth in place. Once you’re scheduled for dental surgery, your dentist uses anesthesia to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed so as not to feel any pain.

A special and designated tool used is used to insert the titanium screw into your jawbone. If the abutment is not placed on the same day as the implant, the dentist can then suture the gum. The titanium screw requires about 3-6 months to fuse completely with your jawbone, and the process is called Osseointegration.

Within 3-6 months, your bone starts growing around the screw to secure it into a more permanent position. After the Osseointegration process, you can then return to your dentist after abutment.


There is a chance that your gum tissue can grow over or into your dental implant compromising your oral health and the dental implant. The abutment is a solution to avoid such from happening. It is a small, ball-shaped connector that is attached to the top of your dental implants.

In some cases, your dentist can attach the abutment on the same day as the implant procedure. If your dentist stitched your gum tissue over the implant, in return local anesthesia is needed for you to remove the tissue before placing the abutment.

When this is done, your dentist sends you home with the temperature teeth waiting till your gums are healed. Once healed, impressions of your mouth are taken to custom make your permanent crown


Once your crown is ready, you can now return to your dentist for your final appointment. The crown is attached to the abutment, and your dentist checks for bite alignment, form, color, and other elements. Your dentist ensures you are satisfied with the after-look.

With good oral hygiene, your crown can last for about 15-25 years. it is also advisable to return to your dentist after 3-9 months of the fitting to ensure all is well and healed properly.

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What You Look Like After Dental Implant Surgery

After dental implant surgery, you look the same; nothing has changed about you. You can return o your daily life and activities. If you don’t tell people you had dental implant surgery, they wouldn’t know.

Only a trained dentist will know you have or had a dental implant instead of your natural teeth. You can chew, talk, brush, floss, and do everything you do with your natural tooth.

What Does Full Mouth Dental Implant Look Like? 

A series of implants can be sued to support a full row of teeth. In the place of dental implants per tooth, full mouth dental implants take about 4-8 implants per row of replacement teeth. The full-mouth dental implant can help with restoring your smile and prevent issues with chewing or speaking.

The major difference between this and individual tooth replacement is that full mouth dental implants replace all or most of your teeth.

There’s convenience, a huge benefit of the dental implant. Your jaw bone’s status is maintained. If you have numerous teeth missing, there is a chance your facial structure may collapse because of your jaw bone breakdown.

Dental implants have come not only to help you maintain your jawbone strength but also to retain your facial structure and shape. Therefore, whether an individual tooth replacement or a full mouth tooth replacement, after your dental surgery, you’ll still look like you.

Do Dental Implants Look Natural?

Are you scared of getting dental implants because you are not sure of how they would look? Are you scared that it may easily pass off as a fake? No, it won’t, don’t worry.

Dental implants are modeled to replace the missing tooth. They are well built to a point where it all looks and feels natural. The crown looks like a natural tooth. Your dentist customs it to maintain the size and color of your existing teeth.

There may be a little variation but the goal is to look and feel like the natural teeth. The connector called the abutment has an octagon or hexagon shape and is used in holding the tooth-like crown in place.

Them, at the base of the implant, is the titanium post. This is fused with your jawbone to provide stability to the implant. Know that titanium is a metal compatible with the human body. Now, all of these lead to a more natural look and feel.

Just as it looks natural, maintain it like your natural teeth. Brush, and floss twice daily. Also, avoid using tobacco on the implants, it will cause a deterioration of the dental implants just like they do to the natural teeth. Therefore, dental implants look natural.

General FAQs

Local anesthesia or sedative IV is used during the dental implants to avoid you feeling the pain. However, for some patients, the dental implants hurt after the anesthesia wears off and the procedure is done.

During the process of the dental implant, no pain is felt because the local anesthesia is used in creating numbness. The pain can however come when the procedure is done or when the anesthesia wears off. The pain can be managed through the use of painkillers such as Ibuprofen but it’s best to speak with your dentist.

Implants look like a tooth because the crown can be molded and shaped to perfectly match the shape of the tooth it s replacing.

The average cost of an implant either a single or the entire dental implant ranges anywhere from $1000-$6500. This depends on where you reside and what your oral needs are.

Placing your tooth implant may just take 60-90 minutes. It doesn’t end there though. A waiting period of 3-6 months is needed for the dental implants to be integrated into your jawbone. After which the crown is added.


Full or permanent dentures are used to replace your missing teeth, giving your mouth, jaw, and cheekbones a more natural appearance. If all your teeth are missing you will need permanent dentures. However, prices vary. It is advisable to get quality dental insurance.

There are various types of dentures available. But it is recommended to visit your dentist to know which one is most suitable.

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