Dental implants specialist overseas in Bali, Thailand or India

Dental implants specialist overseas in Bali, Thailand or India

Dental Implants Perth


Has the thought of getting dental implants done overseas crossed your mind?

Perhaps in Bali, Thailand or India?
If so, it’s completely understandable as the cost of dental implants in Perth can seem like a significant investment. However, it’s an investment in your health.

In this article, we will compare the options and risks involved when considering dental tourism.

Dental implants have significant benefits since missing teeth can impact the overall health of the jawbone.
While it may seem that the more “practical” choice is to seek cheaper alternatives like dental implants in Bali, we will analyse the cost of hotels, flights and time missed at work when comparing dental implants in Australia with dental implants in Bali.


Differences In Standards and Regulations

How sure are you that the dentists in Bali will have the same level of training and expertise as the ones closer to home? The dental implants in Bali may also not be the same high-quality as the ones in Australia. The Australian Dental Association and the Dental Board of Australia ensure that all practicing Australian scientists comply with the latest techniques and technology in modern dentistry. When you travel outside to Bali to receive oral treatment, the risks become higher.


Your Treatment May Not Be Continuous

Travelling outside your country to receive dental implants is not beneficial because foreigners can only stay in the country 60 days at a maximum per visit. Dental implants take at least two months for them to bind with the jaw bone, and your dentist must be nearby in case complications arise. Apart from the treatment itself, It will cost you meals, lodging, aeroplane tickets, and more for seeking dental implants in Bali. That beats the point of trying a cheaper procedure in the first place.


Language and Cultural Barriers

You may be able to extend your patience if you are on holiday, but when you are a patient seeking treatment, communication may stress you even more. Staying in a foreign country should be an adventure itself, but when you do not know the practices of the locals, it may come as a culture shock. When travelling for medical reasons, you ought to be in a relaxing environment that won’t compromise your health. Documentation of the dental implant treatment in Bali may also be complicated since you are from outside of the country.


Top country destinations for dental implants are:

  • Mexico
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Costa Rica
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Turkey
  • Czech Republic


Can You Trust Your Dentist?

Not to say that dentists overseas may be in shady businesses, but you may never know. Dental practitioners follow the laws and regulations in Australia for the safety of the patients. One cannot be a fully pledge dentist while using substandard tools, medicines, and facilities. When you are receiving dental implants in Australia, you have the assurance that you are receiving the utmost care you need.


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